Student Testimonials

 Gloria Balboa

I have never felt so comfortable in my skin! Jacqueline not only whips you into shape but also helps you grown your confidence. I was able to not only find a form of exercise that is fun but also found a new means of expressing myself. If you have ever had an ounce of doubt in thinking you can’t belly dance… Don’t. For me, Jacqueline was so welcoming that any insecurities I had were instantly gone. This is one of the best experiences in culture and fitness that I have ever had!



Sonia Alonzo

Jacqueline is an amazing belly dance instructor. She is constantly encouraging her students to get out of their comfort zones and experience new things. We ended up doing a dance performance at the end of the semester and everyone loved it. In addition to performing, all the girls within the class actually grew more into empowered women. It’s hard in college stay confident; we can become insecure and put ourselves down constantly. This belly dancing class really serves as a way for women to learn to love themselves and gain a community willing to support them.


Lily Lin

Jacqueline is a wonderful and inspirational instructor. She radiates positive energy and encourages creativity. Each student has a chance to shine, to explore, and to build his or her dancing style in her class. Jacqueline is also more than willing to help a student in need. Her improvisational way of teaching dance is a great way to exercise both the mind and body. Belly dancing is a great way of teaching body positivity by moving one’s body in the most beautiful way instead of focusing on shape and size.


Amanda Monterroso

Taking belly dancing classes with Jacqueline was the highlight of my college years! I came in with some experience in learning choreographed classic Egyptian/Turkish style dance but quickly found there is so much more to belly dance when you can make it your own. I can definitely say her free spirited focus on improvisation helped grow my confidence as well as skills as a dancer. Jacqueline gives personal attention to each student during individual practice time; great for those who find it difficult to speak up with questions when practicing as a large group. My time spent dancing with Jacqueline encouraged me to keep practicing on my own and even perform solo a few times. I highly recommend her classes to dancers of all levels!