Drop Shimmy Roll

I am so excited to launch my newest endeavor: Drop Shimmy Roll. This is an online shop and site where belly dancers will be able to jump on and find lifestyle products and more. The product launch is set for August 2017 and we are working hard on rolling out some great content to raise awareness […]

Belly Dancers Age Like Fine Wine!

An unmistakable characteristic woven into a belly dancer, is her experience. If a dancer keeps practicing and never gives up, she will find that her movements such as complex hip drops and shimmies, become more refined. Her entire body will change through the years and increase its flexibility. Holding onto this art form for the […]

Peace, Acceptance, and Love

Belly Dance can bring you peace, acceptance, and love, only if you believe in yourself. Throughout your journey as a belly dance artist, you will experience many life altering events. These times may be great and rewarding or devastating and heartbreaking. One thing that you can count on throughout your life, is belly dance. Peace […]

Jacqueline’s Belly Dancing Advice

Your life experiences are your story. Belly Dance is the book that you write them in. Here are 4 pieces of advice I can offer you… Stay Unique Be true to who you are. In the art of belly dancing, explore your feelings, motivations, and dreams. Dance your stress away. Breath in positive thoughts. Embrace your […]