Burning Energy

One of my biggest challenges is to know when to not dance and maintaining my energy level. Sometimes I want to dance all day long! I have to cool it and be patient, especially when I have to teach that day. Exerting too much energy can rob you of your teaching performance.

When dancing is a part of your daily routine, you deal with practice, experimentation, and balance. To be the best teacher, I need a lot of energy stored to burn for my students. I want them to see the best belly dancing has to offer, and that requires me to be calm, patient, and cool before my classes. Every time I hear music, I want to dance, but what kind of teacher would I be if I had no energy?

Another factor that adds to energy is of course, food! I need to eat a sufficient amount of protein and carbs on the days I dance. I cannot eat two hours before a performance because my stomach will cramp up. I’ll also feel too bloated to move freely. I try to eat as clean as possible on the days I teach. Some foods I usually eat on a weekly basis are: eggs, grilled chicken, tuna, brown rice, lemon-garlic white rice, bananas, and lots of water!


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