March 22, 2017 Release of The Secret Garden, A Belly Dancing Fairy Tale

A few weeks ago, I explored a secret garden in Orange County, CA. I was so inspired that when my brand new pink belly dancing costume finally arrived after eight weeks, I wanted to dance there. My husband filmed me dancing in this secret garden and it was a very beautiful experience. In the video you’ll notice birds, cherry blossoms, and flying insects zooming around the camera. Filming in nature can be one of the most surprising and beautiful backgrounds to be in. It was also windy which created a few scenes of pure bliss near the cherry blossom trees. The camera we used is a Nikon D5300 and we utilized all of the natural lighting from the sun. After the filming process, we needed to edit it. I discovered a couple of shots weren’t to my liking and so I zoomed into the frame and adjusted the coloring. I also researched royalty free music that would allow the video to be monetized on YouTube. I placed the music and sounds in positions where I liked them the best. I really want to thank my husband for working on this project with me and supporting my dreams. I can’t wait for you to see it this Wednesday, March 22, 2017!

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