Belly Dancing Makeup: Purpose, Style, and Things to Consider

Since it’s #MakeupMonday, I figure it is a great day to write a blog about belly dancing makeup. Below, I’ve laid out options for you to consider as you explore all of  the art in Belly Dance. I’ll go over the purpose, styles, and things to consider to achieve your perfect belly dancer look!


What is your purpose for wearing belly dance style makeup? Are you performing on stage or simply wanting to dress up in class. If you are performing on stage, your makeup has to be a bit more darker and heavily packed on than normal. The main reason is that lights on stage can dull out your facial features and makeup helps people see your face. In particular, your blush, lips, eyebrows, and eye-shadow will help the audience see you more clearly. Continue to have your unique style, but also remember you may need to add more color to make your features pop!

Fun Tip: Glitter your body! Rubbing glitter over your belly, chest, and arms, creates a magical and mystical appearance!

If you’re simply wearing makeup to class or want to dress up, then you definitely don’t need to pack on the makeup. I say this because there is a tight rope between makeup and acne breakouts. In Livestrong’s Article, “The DOs and DON’Ts of Wearing Makeup While Working Out“, makeup artist and triathlete, Taylor Babaian says, “Whatever cosmetics you have on, they can combine with the sweat and contribute to a breeding ground for bacteria.” I would suggest wearing makeup only on special occasions. It’s simply better for your skin’s health to have a clean sweat. Also maintain a cleansing routine! My favorite facial mask is the Black Pearl Face Mask by Ursula’s Wrath. It’s all vegan, natural, and benefits Coastal Angels, a non-profit I founded that fights plastic pollution! If this is something you’re curious about, visit the Coastal Angels online store, by following this link:


What is your general style? Do you wear bold colors? Are you into classic chic? Are you eccentric, conservative, creative, modest, loud, or simple? Your style will be reflected into your dance appearance. Some dancers are more modest and wear light makeup. Others prefer to wear bold and dark colors with lots of glitter and design. There isn’t a right or wrong way, only stay true to yourself! If you are not comfortable with your makeup, you’re just forcing yourself to look like something you’re not.

Everyone is unique in so many ways, especially with facial features. Ask yourself what is your favorite feature and then accentuate it. My favorite features are my eyes. I like to go with elongating my eyeliner and stretching it past each end of the eye. I also line the inside of my lower lid. I’ve created a short video tutorial to give you an example of my very modest, yet classic belly dancer look:


If you want to go with a more dramatic look, I highly recommend watching AllAboutAnika‘s Glam Makeup Tutorial:

Anika and I went to school in Anaheim Hills together and I think she rocks at combining the perfect shades and looks. I think this is totally acceptable for  belly dance or just for a fun night out! Her style is so glamorous and flirty, just the perfect example for a striking appearance.

Things to consider:

  • Fake Eyelashes
  • Jewels and gems at the forehead, nose, or edge of eyes
  • Liquid or Pencil Eyeliner
  • Red Blush or Natural Brown or Beige Contouring
  • What eye-shadows look best with your eye color?
  • If your eye makeup is bold and dark, go with a lighter lipstick. If you have dark lips, your face can look squished and small.
  • If your eye makeup is light, you can go with a darker lipstick. If you have a light lipstick, then your entire face can get washed out.

All in all, it’s your face and your rules! Be you, always. These are simply my tips that I share with all of my students. Try different colors and techniques and go with what best suits your personality and attitude.

I hope I gave you some thoughtful advice on belly dance makeup and feel free to add in your additional ideas in the comments below!


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  1. It’s interesting to think about the types of makeup and things a belly dancer should wear. I like how you said that there isn’t necessarily a wrong way, and that it all depends on your style. Each belly dancer should keep that in mind, I think.

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