Raqs Al-Masriya, An Internet BellyDance Challenge

I did it!

I participated in my very first internet bellydance challenge! On SOCAL Belly Dance Central, I came across a post from Sausan about the Raqs Al-MasriyaAn Internet Bellydance Choreography and Dance Challenge and I knew I had to give it a shot!

This challenge interested me because I’m always up for doing something different with my belly dance and taking my creativity to the next level. I truly believe in challenging myself as a dancer every chance I get, and so I did!

If you would like to support me in the challenge, please vote for me here: http://www.raqsalmasriya.com/videos 

The way to vote is you type in your comment and vote selection in the comment box!


Thank you very much for your support.

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