Peace, Acceptance, and Love

Belly Dance can bring you peace, acceptance, and love, only if you believe in yourself. Throughout your journey as a belly dance artist, you will experience many life altering events. These times may be great and rewarding or devastating and heartbreaking. One thing that you can count on throughout your life, is belly dance.


Belly Dancing frees the mind and soul. It calms your fears, releases your passion, and aids your spirituality. At times I have experienced a quiet mind while dancing. I like to think of it as French doors open to the balcony, inviting fresh air into my home. It’s a time for relaxation of the mind. Your snake arms and hip mayas will seem to be effortless. You’ll release the tension with every belly flutter. At the end of a class, you may find yourself calm, confident, and positive. While this can be difficult to achieve as a new dancer, in time you may find tranquility on and off the dance floor.


I can’t tell you how many times I had an “off day.” I may have been sleepy before class, having an acne breakout, or feeling down because of a wide variety of life situations. One thing I don’t do is give up on myself. The most important thing for me to do is focus on dancing and accept my imperfections. I have to essentially surrender the struggle of my emotions and focus on accepting myself in every way. I have experienced family deaths, sadness, and more, but I didn’t give up dancing. It was always there for me, like a guide. Learning about your mistakes and struggles, in or outside of class, and then moving forward, will bring you closer to peace, acceptance, and love.


As a belly dancer, you may feel deep affection. The intense emotions of love can dance around your everyday life. As peace and acceptance pop and lock into place, love of life will surround you. Your love will be seen through your passion. Lifting the spirits of others becomes contagious. Those around you will appreciate your focus and determination. Love in your life will dominate all other feelings. Your love can inspire peace and acceptance of those around you, witnesses to your art. Showing and accepting love can make you a stronger dancer and your audience will believe your performance, only if you believe in yourself.


Below is one of the videos I made while I was completely and utterly at peace and feeling acceptance and love.



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  1. I just started following you in the last couple weeks and I must say watching you dance is both hypnotizing and mesmerizing pretty incredible. Keep it up I hope it always remains fun for you.

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