Belly Dancers Age Like Fine Wine!

An unmistakable characteristic woven into a belly dancer, is her experience. If a dancer keeps practicing and never gives up, she will find that her movements such as complex hip drops and shimmies, become more refined. Her entire body will change through the years and increase its flexibility. Holding onto this art form for the rest of your life can keep you healthy, fit, and challenged. Belly dancing is a lot like fine wine, it gets better in time.

As a dancer, challenging yourself to be better than yesterday takes a priority in your day to day habits. Go out of your way and do something different. Drop into a drum circle. Attend a Middle Eastern Cultural Festival. Perform. However you decide to challenge yourself, know that those experiences will add to who you are as a dancer. Know that you tried and gave it your best. Understand that overtime your body and skin will change as mother nature accompanies you through your journey. That is something to be proud of.

Belly dancing is an earthy, sacred, and elegant art form, carried on through the ages. I hold a deep admiration for belly dancers who have kept dancing throughout their lives. They are historians of their time. They are artists to learn from. Women to respect.

Belly dancers are people who tell stories through their body movements and facial expressions. Overtime we all experience happiness, loss, and a hint of desire. A belly dancer will wear those emotions on her sleeve and create an undeniable authentic performance. We are people too. Just bold and sometimes a little nutty.

So here’s to all the belly dancers out there! May you age like fine wine.

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